• Nestled on the protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, Dhigufaru Island meaning “a long reef”, is the epitome of what you would imagine as an exotic getaway. Whether you like to kick back, relax & take in the magnificent, stunning beauty of the island and surrounding reef, or if you are looking for a more action pack, exotic adventure, we offer the perfect balance of both.

    The Island

    The island is only 35000 square meters, but what it lacks in physical size, it makes up for in its distinctive natural character. The main feature of the island is its surrounding expansive reef, but the island itself has very characteristicnatural features, making each part of the island quite unique and special in its own way.

    Boaku On the eastern face of the island, is the Boaku, a sheltered beach, shaped like a cove, allowing the formation of a natural pool. The seclusion and stillness of the water inside Boaku, makes it perfect setting to catch the sunrise and as well as secure place to let your children play.

    Veli On the very western face is Veigandu, a very wide and expansive flat beach of pure white sand, with crystal clear turquoise water that goes on and on. Most magnificent & stunning backdrop to view the sunset.

    Aanu The beach rock goes along the northern edge & length of the island, giving the island its unique shape, character, and natural protection.


    • Baa Atoll
    • Transfer By: Sea Plane OR Domestic flight + Speed boat

The rooms are located along the perimeter of the island, enabling you to experience the distinctive natural features which makes the island so special.

Beach villa

With stunning views and access to the beach front from each of the 30 beach villas, you have the choice of experiencing the serenity and tranquility of the eastern facing Boaku, or the stunning magnificence of the Veli beach. Each Villa has an semi outdoor shower space, and indoor bathroom, and his and her vanity space. The room is decked up with all the modern amenities you will require. Each room leads towards your own veranda enclosed within a private garden with views towards the beach and lagoon.

Semi water villa

Wake up to the invigorating sounds & gentle breeze that rolls off the Indian ocean at our 10 Semi water villas. Perfectly placed to catch the sunrise, with magnificent views of the horizon, our Semi Water Villas allows you to have direct access to the Dhigufaru lagoon from the Aanu Sandrock, from your own expansive private sun deck.

There are variety of Dining options, with 3 designated dining spaces, with its own

distinctive character and feel to choose from depending, on your mood and time of day.


Dhandifulhu Restaurant (Main Restaurant)

Designed with charm and simplicity, the space itself exemplifies the dinning experience as well as the style of cuisines offered at our main restaurant.
With panoramic views of the ocean, the main restaurant offers variety and flavours from ever corner of the world & a dedicate Maldivian night, which will combine the rich flavours of our indigenous food and traditional entertainment. The restaurant also has its own bar with access to large selection of beverages for your convenience.


Thundi Pool Bar

Relax by the poolside, or enjoy the view from inside the three detached lounge huts surrounding the bar. The Bageecha pool area is the perfect spot to share views of a romantic sunset, with easy access to the beach, as well as whole lot of entertainments. Thundi bar has a dedicated kitchen where you can order bistro style cuisines, and finger foods including afternoon tea/coffee as well an extensive selection of exotic cocktails., perfect after a swim in the sea or lounging by the poolside.


Athiri Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Our wine cellar is set on water, with access from the beach. With uninterrupted views of the clear blue indian ocean, its the perfect setting to wine and dine in sophistication. We offer a specialised A la Carte Menu with each cuisine matched perfectly with the right wine by our chef and sommelier from the large selection of finest wines from throughout the world.


Holhuashi Pavilion

The Pavilion is located on the arrival jetty, and one of the first architectural features you will be able to see as you arrive on the island. Perfect water hole to quench your thirst between meals, with an ice cream or fresh juice with some freshly baked pastries. Its open throughout the day, and ideal for kids of all ages.

  • Sand Bank Picnic

    Experience unspoilt natural beauty at its best, being alone on a tiny little sand bank or a virgin island. A Romantic picnic dinner under the stars, listening to the sounds of waves as they wash on the beach.


    Local Island Visits

    A visit to a small inhabited island, where the population is only a few hundred at most, will show you a picture of the local culture and lifestyle. Kids strolling near the shore, playing with friends on the beach, or men and women occupied in daily chores show how simple life can be on these islands.


    Dolphin Watching

    Being located on a Marine Bio Reserve gives you the advantage of observing the marine ecosystem in its purest and untouched form. Baa atoll is known for varied marine life, especially manta rays, dolphins, and whales, giving you the opportunity to watch them in their natural environment. We have programmed and schedule excursions to different spots near the island, with professional guides.


    Fishing Excursions

    Resort offers three very different types of fishing excursions.

    Sunset Fishing Perfect for the whole family & amateur fishermen & women. More leisurely and relaxed enabling you to try out more traditional fishing methods.

    Game Fishing A short boat ride to the open sea this particular excursion is suited to the more professionally inclined and thrill seekers. We have a specially built boat, fully equipped with the necessary fishing gear and technology, as well as professionally trained experts to guide you through.

    Local Fishing Idea for culture seekers, to get the hang of and understand the very unique art of Maldivian fishing techniques, using live bait.This will be educational as much as an adventure, perfect for large family groups or couples.


    Fulhan’gi Diving School & Waters-ports Center

    Dhigufaru island might be small, but as the name suggests, Dhigu, meaning “tall”, and “faru” meaning reef, provides the perfect playground for variety of water based activities and sports, while UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Baa Atoll, lets you fully discover the abundance and vibrance of Maldivian coral reefs.

    Diving Our in-house dive school is A PADI licensed dive centre offering certified dive courses and versatile recreational dive packages to suite professional as well as amateur dive enthusiasts. having the luxury of being located on a UNESCO Marine Biosphere, means the area is acclaimed for its versatile dive sites, giving you the opportunity to come into close proximity to the unique and abundant marine life Maldives is well known for.

    • Certified Diving Courses
    • Kids Dive Courses
    • Dive Excursions

    Water Sports Our Water sports centre is fully equipped with the latest and widest range of water based activities, from extreme sports, like kite surfing, tube riding, water skying and windsurfing, to more leisurely activities including canoeing, glass bottom boat rides, and snorkelling. The huge reef which provides a natural protection from currents, combined with shallow waters and light winds gives you the perfect setting for variety of water sports.

Funa Spa

Our Spa offer a comprehensive beauty, health and wellbeing experience within a 241m2 compound within a striking island setting. Whether you want to recharge your body for a day filled with activities or want to unwind relax after a busy fun filled day, Funa Spa offers a variety of treatments and services.

  • Salon

    We have a fully decked out Salon for your convenience at our Funa Spa,
    which offers everything from hairstyling
    & facials for both men and women.

    Reflexology Centre

    Best way to relax after a day walking on the beach or after a long flight to get your circulation going. We use different reflexology methods and technique to help cater to your specific needs, be it that you like to relax, or get you ready for a more active day. We also offer full pedicure and manicure services.


    Sauna & Steam Room

    help you recharge and re invigorate your body and mind, we offer a designated & spacious sauna and steam room which you can book in advance for your a private session or drop in at your convenience.


    Treatment Rooms

    Our treatment rooms are private cabanas, placed at the back of the main spa compound, enclosed within a garden, allowing your to have full privacy and tranquility to help you immerse yourself into complete relaxation. We also offer all our spa treatments and services within the convenience of your own room.